Formula Drift Road To The Championship [2016]



The US drift season is in full swing and this month Formula Drift held their second round at Road Atlanta in Braselton, GA. With rain dampening round one in Long Beach the drivers had their work cut out for them with this being the first event with fair weather this year. This was also the first Pro 2 event of the season where drivers that earned their FD license could first take their turn in the spotlight.




As we made it to the track the forecast for the entire weekend looked amazing. Not even super hot for “Hotlanta” in our books. We made our way down to the pits to check out all the craziness that was going on as well as to meet up with a few of our friend’s from the Midwest.




As the morning exited and the afternoon slid in it was ready for go time! We made our way to the track for practice and made the trek up the hill to the grid. Practice for Pro without any big issues. Just a lot of smoke and awesome runs!



IMG_0298 FDATL16-478

IMG_8726 FDATL16-789


As practice wound down close to dinner time they jumped right into Pro 1 qualifying which is always a treat to watch. With two days of practice under their belts the top drifters in the United States threw down their best runs in order to secure their spot on the qualifying list for Saturday’s competition. Pro 1 qualifying results were as follows:


  1. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
  2. Fredric Aasbo
  3. Matt Field
  4. Chris Forsberg
  5. Odi Backhis
  6. Dai Yoshihara
  7. Tanner Foust
  8. Justin Pawlak
  9. Tyler McQuarrie
  10. Chelsea DeNofa
  11. Mad Mike Whiddett
  12. Forrest Wang
  13. Dean Kearney
  14. Michael Essa
  15. Ryan Tuerck
  16. Geoff Stoneback
  17. Matt Coffman
  18. Alec Hohnadell
  19. Ken Gushi
  20. Pat Mordaunt
  21. Jonathan Castro
  22. Alex Heilbrunn
  23. Kenneth Moen
  24. Kristaps Bluss
  25. Juha Rintanen
  26. Kyle Mohan
  27. Pat Goodin
  28. Cameron Moore
  29. Andy Gray
  30. Faruk Kugay
  31. Jeff Jones




Pro 2 qualifying happened when we were on our way down to the track so sadly we didn’t get any photos, but the results were as follows:


  1. Marc Landreville
  2. Ryan Litteral
  3. Jeff Jones
  4. Dan Burkett
  5. Andrew Lewis
  6. Josh McGuire
  7. Doug VanDenBrink
  8. Trent Beechum
  9. Taylor Hull
  10. Kevin Lawrence
  11. Ethan Hunter
  12. Aaron Day
  13. Sheng Ng Nian
  14. Austin Meeks
  15. Matt Madrigali
  16. Dirk Stratton



In the past at this time there would have been more top 32 practice, but with Pro 2 in the mix it was time for a little break and we were thrown right into the Pro 2 competition! Road Atlanta probably has the trickiest entry out of all the tracks in the FD arsenal and it showed during Pro 2 Practice and competition. The gravel pit claimed a lot of casualties as cars overshot the entry during practice and competition, but it led to some interesting tandems! Most of the drivers stuck to their guns and held their own continuing the run on. (To the dismay of the track sweeper guy who ended up doing more runs that night than I had ever seen) I have to give the Pro 2 drivers mad props for diving into that entry though! They earned their stripes in pro-am and this was their time to bite the bullet and push on.





Pro 2 Winners:


FDATL16-8251st place: Jeff Jones



2nd place: Marc Landerville



3rd place: Ryan Litteral


Sadly this was the end of Friday. No midnight practice session for Pro 1 which was always a favorite of mine in the past!




As Saturday rolled in we spent our morning checking out the preparations Pro 1 teams were working on for their competition later on in the day. It was supposed to be hotter than Friday so we loaded up on water and headed up for Pro 1 top 32 practice a little after lunch time.



IMG_1236 FDATL16-1863

IMG_0241-2 FDATL16-2053

IMG_9304 FDATL16-2415

IMG_1119 FDATL16-2427

The fans were given quite the show full of close calls and of course some upsets as well as the field was narrowed to 16 drivers.




As the sun started to set the opening ceremonies began and the parade lap of the top 16 cars made their way down the hill. The crowd was full of energy and we were all ready for some killer driving into the night!




IMG_1083 FDATL16-2917 FDATL16-3121 FDATL16-3290 FDATL16-3331


When the smoke settled we were left with our top drivers of the weekend.



1st place: Vaughn Gittin Jr.



2nd place: Dai Yoshihara



3rd place: Chris Forsberg



4th place: Alec Hohnadell


The drifting adventure will continue soon! Please check out our gallery from the event on Facebook as well!

Bonus Photos!!