Cartel Cruise [Feb 2016]

With the success of the first Manji Cruise we got together and decided this was something that we definitely wanted to continue doing throughout the spring and the summer. Last time we hit up Cars and Coffee, Cavalcade of Customs then cruised Cincinnati. This time we had some more awesome activities planned for the whole day!

We started the morning at the Great Lakes Racing Expo down at Full Throttle Indoor Karting and we had a fun time seeing what all was going down this year in the Midwest. Pretty much every aspect of racing was represented at the expo and it was a great event to go to if you were interested in jumping into some local motorsports this year. We grabbed some info on local autocross events as you may have seen posts on Facebook of our GTI that we’ve been working on. So expect to see us out at a few events this year!


From the expo we made our way down towards Cincinnati and grabbed lunch at Eli’s BBQ. If you haven’t been there before I recommend that you go ASAP! Awesome food, great atmosphere, and you can bring your own beer to drink outside. How could it get any better than that!


From there we made our way down to Fuel Coffee where we met some awesome car enthusiasts waiting for us! It’s always awesome to get a little meet together and just shoot the shit as more people arrive! As the time for the cruise drew near we gathered the drivers for a meeting and discussed the route. Once a few stragglers showed up we were off!


We followed the same route that we did for the first cruise up and down Columbia Parkway and we met a few friends along the way that didn’t even know about the event!


Snagging shots in the light that we had was a little interesting with the shadows, but we managed to get some cool stuff!

ManjiCruise-48-Edit ManjiCruise-62-Edit ManjiCruise-79-Edit ManjiCruise-86 ManjiCruise-106 ManjiCruise-122 ManjiCruise-133

As we made our way back to Fuel to regroup and gather any new people who were running late we rehashed a new plan. We planned on running the camera truck on the other side in order to combat the shadows being cast on the cars and we had a new plan to loop back up onto Columbia to maximize the amount of shots we could get during the run.

ManjiCruise-145 ManjiCruise-177 ManjiCruise-199 ManjiCruise-205 ManjiCruise-219 ManjiCruise-223

Well as the saying goes if something can go wrong it will go wrong. Our camera truck driver got off on the wrong exit and we ended up on Ft. Washington Way which funny enough we accidentally ended up on the first cruise. Honestly that mistake is cool with me as we snagged some really cool photos during our little detour.

ManjiCruise-251 ManjiCruise-286-Edit ManjiCruise-331

As we made our way back to home base at Fuel the rest of the group wondered where the heck we went. We had a good laugh at the wrong turn and decided to take some static shots of individual cars as well as the whole group.

ManjiCruise-378 ManjiCruise-379 ManjiCruise-384 ManjiCruise-389 ManjiCruise-394 ManjiCruise-399 ManjiCruise-404 ManjiCruise-408 ManjiCruise-414 ManjiCruise-423

We all had a killer time! I’m sorry I ducked out early as my back had not been cooperating all day with me being on my feet, but I know you all had fun with me gone still. Rob rode in the camera truck the whole time and put together a super awesome video of the entire weekend! Check it out!

Manji Cartel Cruise Feb2016 from Rob Taylor.


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