We Are The Enthusiast

Every now and then, you have to get out and do something. Pursue a goal, go on an adventure and enjoy the journey. In 2015 we decided to accomplish all those; Manji Cartel traveling the midwest covering Midwest Drift Union’s 2015 Championship:


**November 2017 Edit – MDU Has officially closed their doors after 8 years of running events across the Midwest. We would like to thank all those involved for the hard work put in up to this point. The organization’s founders will continue hosting grassroots drift events as Drift Indy. Make it #sizzle friends.



‘We Are The Enthusiast’ is a quasi-documentary following a year in the life with Manji Cartel and the Midwest Drift Union. What started with no planning, no rules, and following only the spirit of adventure, quickly evolved into something more. We became immersed in the world of Pro-Amateur Drifting, follow the journey of hungry drivers as they compete with their roaring cloud machines all over the Midwest, fighting to be crowned Midwest Drift Union Champion and battling for one of three Formula-D Pro Licenses.

Round 1 takes place at Grissom Air Force Base located in Peru, Indiana. Grissom is an active military airport, and our action happens right on the now-unused Cold War bomber staging pads.

Round 2 brings our drivers to the curb-filled street course of Roosevelt Park in the Corktown district of Detroit, Michigan. How do they get permission, and how do we get more cities involved?

Round 3 packs Kil-Kare Raceway in Xenia, Ohio with a Car show, drag race and drift competition. Fast, sweeping banks, walls, and a tight infield were a great battlefield for the night-time finale.

Round 4 sends us to Gateway Motorsports Park on the banks of the Mississippi in Madison, Illinois. Gateway is a classic high-speed track which tests the drivers’ throttle commitment. Wheel-drops, sweeping turns and massive, lingering smoke clouds rounded out the 2015 Season.

Hell of a season it was.


If you are interested in drifting in the midwest and competing check out mdudrift.com

If you are interested in learning how to drift or are looking for places practice, check out Driftindy.com, Street League Drifting, and Midwest Drift Union: Back To Basics.

¡MAYDAY! – Something In The Air ft. Femi Kuti
Fink – Warm Shadow
James Brown – The Payback
TheFatRat – Windfall
Tony Anderson – Eyes Wide Open



Thank you for watching and reading, we hope fellow enthusiasts enjoy our work and follow our future journeys.

-Robert Taylor /// Manji Cartel